Day: November 7, 2021

How do I buy the right house for me?

First of all is the budget, the personal budget we must figure out, to know how much down payment we have, and how much monthly payment we can afford, we then go to these ability ranges in the selection of housing like Taman TTDI Jaya, and must improve our decision-making efficiency. The current market in many cities is to buy or not to buy, not to buy where, we first filter out our personal ability to afford some properties, otherwise we are also wasting time.

When we look at this aspect of education, there is not much difference in planning. We are comparing education, a house with all the supporting facilities, the future may improve or upgrade, but only education supporting is almost no upgrade space, and education also has the difference between good and bad, quality education resources, is scarce and non-renewable. These kinds of resources always tend to be in the hands of a few people, and the occupation and possession of scarce resources is the greatest value of the house, so we must understand clearly when choosing a house.

a12 - How do I buy the right house for me?

Transport, planning and education are not so different before we can really look at transport, we have to look at our commuting time to work, which includes a combination of getting to our relatives and friends, to our parents’ house, to the office and so on. We have to look at the future traffic planning and the current traffic situation, and also the high cost of our transportation, we don’t live in a house for a day or two, the days are long, these accumulate over time, it is also a considerable expense.

The last thing we need to do is to compare the supporting facilities. This is also very simple, we look at the convenience of life, we can meet our basic supporting facilities are only vegetable markets, supermarkets, shopping malls, education and training, entertainment, do not need any high level to meet the demand, generally there is, we can not enjoy a few times a year, as long as we meet our daily needs on the line. Be sure to visit the house on site and see the condition of the property. Be sure to check whether the water, electricity and gas are in good condition, whether the air conditioner, TV, refrigerator, washing machine, hood and heating are all in good condition, whether the beds and cabinets are broken, to write on the contract what is in the house, preferably with photos, so as not to pull the wool over your eyes when you return the rent, and to have the bad ones must be clear to leave written and photographic records, even if they are repaired, so as not to pull the wool over your eyes.…

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