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Why Connect Your Business To Very High Speed?

Optical fiber is a glass fiber that uses light to transmit data at very high speed over very large distances. This technology has allowed a very interesting performance boom in the telecoms sector.

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What are the differences between FTTH fiber and FTTO fiber?

FTTH: Fiber To The Home

FTTH fiber is a mutualized solution where the speed is shared between several users. For example: several dwellings in the same building.

It is a basic offer that is aimed more at the general public and individuals, but it is also installed by small companies who wish to benefit from the advantageous rates of FTTH.

FTTO: Fiber To The Office

FTTO fiber, for its part, allows the installation of Internet access exclusively reserved for the company. In addition to a very high speed connection, FTTO fiber guarantees quality of service, flexibility, recovery time in the event of an incident, and security. This solution is the most expensive, but is more suitable for sensitive or larger structures.

Why choose to connect your business to very high speed?

The advantages of fiber optics are numerous and apply to all areas. The ultimate goal: productivity.

Save time: A faster connection saves precious minutes in your research and communications. This time saving also allows better concentration: you no longer wait for your page to load, your mind remains focused on the work you are doing.

Fluidity: Faster throughput helps unify communications, seamlessly videoconferencing to collaboratively remotely work, hold meetings, or conduct interviews.

The cloud: Constant secure access to files, from or to remote servers, consumes a lot of bandwidth. Better throughput will facilitate access to data and software, as well as backups.

Telephony: better speed guarantees superior call quality: your communications improve in quality and reliability.

Customer service: Very high speed broadband makes it possible to offer more developed online services and to guarantee optimal customer service: forms, customer areas, chat, etc.

Reliability: your company gains in reliability in terms of communication but also in terms of security because the fiber presents little risk of incidents, being more resistant to heating, corrosion and immune to lightning with tm unifi package.

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