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What You Can Do With Your Money

Cash is a powerful object in this world. Those who have it flaunt while those who don’t do anything they can to earn it. You can do many things with the money you earn and we would like to ensure you optimise what you earn and hopefully double it. There are many ways you could utilise your money but we have some solid ways we have planned for you. Since your biggest asset is your cash, we have prepared some ways for you to make money whilst you’re sleeping. This means you can now make passive income using the money you’ve made actively and now have a second income.

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The first thing you can do is, take the money you earn and separate it. Separate your finances so that you don’t have to worry or wonder how much you have left. Be clear in your head about how much you earn and how much you would like to keep. Make sure the money you saved is in a place that you can’t easily reach and use whenever you want to because it will be detrimental. Save 1/3 of your income. If you have student debts or any other debts, it’s better that you clear everything out as soon as you can because debt has interests as well. You’d be better off paying your debts and savings all your money than spending it. If you have a spending problem or a credit problem, cut up your credit card and cancel it as soon as possible. Learn to manage the finances you have with a prepaid card or with a debit card.

Next, you can learn to invest your money in various places. You can hire a legal forex broker in Malaysia and ask them for assistance to help you get invested. You can also do this in a bank but they require you to have a minimum of RM250,000 when you invest in foreign currency. This will allow you to earn more returns as there is a larger volume of money, Next, you can also invest some of your money into stocks and bonds. You can buy stocks and bonds in legal sites such as bursa Malaysia so that you can diversify your portfolio. By doing this, you are improving your passive income but you should also be wary about the risks involved in bursa Malaysia. By doing this, you can also teach yourself about how the various companies impact the economy.

Finally, you can also put your money into buying assets such as buying apartment buildings to rent out. You can use the rental payments to pay the mortgage on that and you can use your own money to support yourself. This way your assets will never become a liability to you. Also note that real-estate is the best type of investment there can be. You can also sell the real-estate out to get bigger real-estate once you’ve paid it off.

Your money could possibly be a medium for you to expand your empire. You can build a name for yourself in the real-estate industry if you know how to move the money around while building it well enough. 

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