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What fruits and when can you buy in Malaysia

In Malaysian supermarkets, fruit shops (fruit shops), as well as markets, you can Buy Vegetables OnGrocer with a wide variety of fruits, both local and imported. Fruits are sold mainly in season, as they are fresh and usually do not last long. The largest offer of fresh fruits is in summer and autumn, but in winter and spring, there is also quite a decent selection.

Below are the months of the year and the different types of fruits that can usually be found on store shelves during this time. It should be borne in mind that depending on weather conditions, the harvest time and, accordingly, the delivery to the store may vary.

Concerning the prices of fruits. First of all, prices are seasonal. The lowest price is in the middle of the season, at the beginning and at the end of the season, prices are usually higher. Of course, there are cheaper or more expensive varieties of the same fruit. Prices very much depend on where you buy the fruit. In kiosks (periptero) in the tourist area, prices are always higher than in supermarket chains. Also in stores, there are sales, and in the market, there is such a thing as “evening bazaar”.

Fruit in Malaysia – delicious and juicy

Oranges and lemons grow in Malaysia almost all year round. The trees stand right on the streets, but nobody picks their fruits, since it is considered wrong, there are fruits growing by the road. Therefore, when these fruits ripen, they simply fall to the ground and are trampled by cars and pedestrians.

Oranges, tangerines, and lemons for sale are grown on farms. It is very easy to distinguish between locally produced and imported citrus fruits, just by looking at the fruits. It will be unattractive, may be dirty and with traces of falls, as well as some with leaves and twigs. But here you should not look at the appearance, you must also try the fruit and you will understand that the Argentinean cannot be compared with the taste of the orange. Oranges in Malaysia are so juicy and sweet that you want to eat them one by one. And they cost only about 1 euro per kg.

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