Pharmacy Course In Malaysia

What Should You Know About Pharmacy Course In Malaysia

Entering the science field can be exciting and also a thrilling experience, yet the need of knowing what kind of course that you are getting yourself into is another crucial part. In today’s state, the lack of pharmaceutical doctors in this related field is very concerning, therefore, the ministry of education and also the government have joined hands in encouraging many students to get themselves involved in the STEM education to expand their choice of choosing a suitable yet a perfect career that would help to develop this country. 

With that said, it is important that we go through the pharmacy course in Malaysia to know the requirements that are needed in this field that would contribute to the health care system of Malaysia.  The important highlight of this pharmacy course in Malaysia is the difference between pharmaceuticals , pharmaceutical chemistry and also practical pharmacy. Therefore, let’s see the difference between these three courses that the WIDAD college has to offer to us, with other academic institutions as well.

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  1. Pharmaceuticals

The place where we buy drugs like medicines over the counter. This pharmaceutical field always needs a board certified pharmacist to assist its process. Any of the drugs that can be found in a pharmaceutical area would have to go through the pharmacist in order to prevent unwanted cause of allergy reaction, to unsupervised medication consumption to abuse of drugs that can potentially cause death to certain people. The pharmaceuticals services can be found in Malaysia throughout every 14 states yet the pharmacist assistance in guiding and to help to provide this service is lacking in the health care system of Malaysia.

  1. Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Pharmaceutical chemistry provides training pharmacists in dealing with raw materials which concerns drug material in making medicines. Most of this course requires almost 3 to 2 years of lab training before, authorizing their position as a pharmaceutical chemist. This pharmaceutical chemistry is the people who will dabble with active organisms, drugs and even active molecules in order to produce or invent a source for illness. In this field, pharmacists will learn about biochemistry, molecular biology, structural biology, pharmaceutical technology, toxicology, physical chemistry and many more. Hence, the requirement for such a course in Malaysia is much needed in order to provide a better health care system in this country.

  1. Practical Pharmacy 

Practical pharmacies are known for their assistance in helping front line workers in a hospital by providing information regarding drug administration by providing accurate and accessible knowledge to them. 

In conclusion, the requirements that are needed for students to further their education in this related field are vast. Therefore, it would be crucial that students do their research about the course that they opt to pursue, in order to be clear of the future requirement that surrounds the course of your choice. Lastly, the development of the health care system in Malaysia does not only depend on the pharmaceutical field, but the other related field as well.

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