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Science Matters in Our Daily Lives

Many often question why we need to study science, no matter from the young to the old. Science is one of the branches of knowledge where a person understands about themselves and the things that happen in their environment. Through science, anything could be possible or at least worth trying. 

Science Subject and Why We Need To Learn: 

Turning to the subject of Science, a student who understands the purpose of learning should also know that learning Science is about understanding oneself and the environment. 

There are lots of facts, inquiry activities, experiments conducted that are aimed at forming a great individual identity. Science can teach a person to think both; critically and analytically. 

By Learning Science, There are Lots of Benefits

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By learning science, you can carry out your work systematically. It is easier to be focused and to record accurately. With science, you could think rationally and more. Pupils are also inculcated with pure values ​​such as appreciating the environment, being grateful for God’s favor, and realizing the importance of science and technology. If these qualities are inculcated in every individual, surely an individual will be born who excels in terms of personality, knowledge and morals.

Development of Science and Technology

The development of science and technology refers to changes in the production of devices that facilitate human life. Products such as cars, computers, televisions, and mobile phones are evidence of the development of science and technology. Indeed, progress in this field has brought many benefits to human beings.

Making Communication Easier

    In addition, science and technology also facilitate communication or interpersonal relationships. The use of the internet allows us to connect with anyone in this corner of the world through the touch of a finger. This can strengthen the relationship between family members, friends, and acquaintances because of its low cost.

Making Life Easier 

      In addition, the education sector has also received the introduction of science and technology. The use of computers makes the learning and teaching process in schools more interesting and efficient. 

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As a result, students will more easily and quickly understand a topic taught by their teacher. Furthermore, science and technology also help housewives’ lives to be easier and more orderly. The creation of various types of machines can replace the energy of women in managing their households. For example, the use of washing machines, electric cookers, and food blenders. Thus, the burden borne as a housewife will be reduced and their daily lives will be more interesting.

 In Conclusion

In a nutshell, science and technology bring a thousand and one positive effects to human beings. However, there are those who see technology and science as something that makes people more lazy. As the saying goes, once the flood, once the coast changes which sees human life will be determined by the ever -changing production of science and technology. Therefore, every layer of society must make the best use of the advances in science and technology. To learn science, it could be more beneficial in our life, apply for science foundation programme in Malaysia. 

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