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Is Instagram Dying? Gen Z Says “Yes”

Welcome to the age of social media. We have been on this train of social media since the early 2000s and now we are at the age where Elon Musk warned us that artificial bots will take over humans on social media.

Find social marketing services in Malaysia to fight you with the bot wars but the question is which social media apps are doomed to meet their end soon? Over the years we have seen the death of very many notable social media. Myspace, Friendster, and vine are some of the biggest social media that all made a sad exit from this world (May they rest in peace).  

Death was inevitable for many apps and today we wonder, what’s the next app on the sad list of death? The trending behavior suggests the next app for its great to fall is Instagram. How true is this statement?

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This speculation may seem outrageous to many Instagram users who are in the millennial age gap or the older Gen Z. Social media is all about the intent of the users. The next generation of users which belongs to gen Z is slowly losing interest in Instagram as they make their way over to TikTok. Instagram is currently making obvious changes to its application to keep up with the changes in social media use. Instagram is constantly rolling out features that resemble the features of TikTok. For instance, Instagram reels seem a bit too similar to the function of TikTok. 

However, Instagram still has a lot of catching up to do the current technology and features TikTok offers. The power of TikTok lies in their algorithm as well. This power has given the chance for many small creators to become big based and earn well from the application. Instagram was built on a lot of bought followers and bot technology as well. 

Another reason we believe that Instagram is near to its death is its turn from casual to a business application. Slowly with the saturation of content, the app is becoming a marketplace controlled by influencers and businesses. Sponsored content, constant ads interrupt our experience and it truly is not the same Instagram experience anymore. 

We are also seeing a major change in the way we take and create content. People are more interested in a video that engages them and the aesthetics of pictures are swaying back to the retro, film, and vintage looks from the perfect and white classy look Instagram has cultivated. Instagram. Many adopted aesthetics have left and the post-millennial generation prefers to post realistic posts and videos that no longer carry the perfect aesthetics. 

Finally, Instagram created the follow and unfollow trend. This was getting old, toxic, and ugly. Some people completely abandoned the app to get away from the negative effects of this app while others simply stopped following the trends of Instagram as much and became silent watchers. 

While all social media applications are meant to be replaced, Instagram is still one of the biggest social media apps in 2021. The evolution through technology may slow down the fall but the hype of this social media app has died down. This is no reason to stop yourself from using Instagram as it is becoming a marketplace for many small businesses and startups. It still remains an opportunity to be utilized by many creators and users. 

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