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Installing Lightweight Steel Roof with Earth, Ceramic, And Concrete Tiles

The more modern, the more choices you have in building a house construction. Especially mild steel which is used as a frame to replace wood material. Why is wood getting abandoned? Because currently, good wood material tends to be difficult to find. In addition, wood is generally very susceptible to attack by wood pests, especially termites. No kidding, when the wood has been attacked by termites, the wooden structure of the building will be damaged easily. 

Various sizes of mild steel for roofs

To make the truss roof truss, which is known as mild steel is a form of mild steel canal c. In principle, the c canal has a shape that corresponds to the letter c and the sizes are distinguished according to the size of the thickness. 

How to install a light steel horse

In its installation, it needs some special techniques that need to be considered so that mild steel can be a truss frame that is safe and resistant to shocks.

First of all, the thing to pay attention to is to make the l stand so that the horse can be attached firmly and neatly. Furthermore, the installation of mild steel trusses requires accessories such as brackets, screws, and zincalum gutters. 

pauline o4ibKp1ZlGw unsplash 683x1024 - Installing Lightweight Steel Roof with Earth, Ceramic, And Concrete Tiles

Adjust the distance between the horses according to the type of roof that will be used. The recommended distance is a maximum of 120cm. This is made to avoid weak battens because they are unable to withstand the heavyweight of the bumbung besi against the tile,

Add a signpost to connect the horses to one another to make it stronger.

Install the battens according to the size of the tiles (the distance between the tile holders when installed).

Use cordless driver for easy operation, no need to prepare long roll cables.

Unfortunately, although many are recommended, there are drawbacks to the use of mild steel. For example, the price is more expensive and requires precise work. Because if it is not precise, other structures will be disrupted later. Therefore, there are a number of things that need to be avoided in the installation of lightweight steel trusses.

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