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How To Plan Your Own Wedding

Love is still in the air even with a pandemic going on. Well, life does have to go on. We cannot pause life just because of a pandemic. We have to simply stay safe and work our way through it. With that being said, during the first lockdown, people delayed their weddings in fear of another outbreak of the virus getting to anyone they love. However, people have adapted and made weddings safer. For instance, seating people 6 feet away from each other or having everyone wear their masks except for when they’re eating or simply having a small wedding and not inviting many people. However, this is quite inconvenient because why would you spend such a joyous day behind masks? 

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A wedding is a day where people take the most pictures and those just don’t look as good if you’re wearing masks, right? Thus, if you’re willing to sacrifice a bit of time, wait until the pandemic is over and you can have the wedding of your dreams. Unless if your dream wedding is a small and intimate occasion with family only then, by all means, have one now. But for those other people who want grand weddings, wait until the pandemic is over and here is how you can plan one on your own:

Set A Budget

Unless you’re filthy rich and don’t really mind about the costs, every successful wedding has a set amount of budget. Things that you’d have to set a budget on can be divided into sections like, catering, decorations, dresses or tuxedos as well as the wedding cake and bouquet. Firstly, you could figure out the total amount of money you’re going to spend on the wedding. Then divide that total amount into each section. If you have to have some things shipped, then set a budget to hire Altus Malaysia services or something similar. It doesn’t have to be precise at first, just a ballpark figure and after you figure out what you want for each of the sections, it’s easier to figure out which is going over your budget and which is just perfect. 

Know Your Priorities

As you set your budget as mentioned in the previous paragraph, you should prioritize what’s on your wishlist. Everyone has their dream wedding. So, sit down with your partner and discuss what you have in mind for the theme, catering, wedding cake or other things. If your wish was to have a custom wedding dress then prioritize that. If you want there to be a fountain of punch, then set aside a budget for that as well. Most of the time, you only go through a wedding once in your life, so take the chance to make your dreams come true.

Make Sure To Have A Second Opinion

In all this planning, make sure to have a second opinion. Be it from your partner, friend or family member. This is because people tend to be irrational or too emotional when it comes to planning their own wedding. It can be very overwhelming too, thus, get a second opinion so that the burden is shared and would not be too stressful for you. 

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