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How To Deal With Inconsiderate Housemates

At some point in our lives, we ought to reside with a bunch of strangers who we then call our housemates. It is a proven fact that staying with other people is nowhere similar compared to staying with our family. It calls for extra tolerance and patience considering everybody comes from a fairly distinct background. I have experienced myself after spending many years away from home in pursuit of studies. Throughout my time leading an independent life, I have crossed paths with many people and situations I never thought I would ever face. Of course, I have my own experience with horrible housemates of which I am intended to share. 

This is especially important if you are an early sleeper, because your housemates may not. Some individuals are not born sensitive enough to be considerate of those who are already in deep sleep. I have been in such a situation multiple times when my roommate didn’t bother lowering their voices. To curb such problems, you may want to have a serious conversation with them expressing your struggles amidst their inconsideration. Let them know and if they happen to repeat the same action, consider moving out to another rental unit in Kota Kemuning because there are more than you think. 

I, too, have plenty of experiences with housemates who lack a proper sense of hygiene, for example, dirty rooms, unwashed laundry, terrible body odor, and so on and so forth. That explains a lot about the person’s personality. To not offend them, talk to them nicely to encourage a change. Remember that you are also helping them to grow, so do it nicely rather than in ways that offend them or hurt their feelings. 

Apart from that, if you appear to have housemates who constantly bring over friends of theirs who are not supposed to be here, talk to them about it if they have invaded your privacy. It is your right as a tenant to voice up when somebody is not entering your house. However, bear in mind that they bring over friends for various reasons, and if the reasons are sensible, you do not have to be so triggered about it. One or twice is perfectly fine, but when it reaches a point where they have crossed the lines, you may start taking action.

To Sum Up

In general, always bear in mind that living with other people is very different from living with your family because everybody coming from different backgrounds has their own perspectives which may contradict yours. If you happen to be financially capable, you may want to purchase a house of your own in Kota Kemuning so you do not have to share spaces with other people.

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