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How To Choose The Perfect Tupperware To Carry Our Food?

Have we ever told you about the method that encourages cooking only one day a week, to avoid wasting time every day in the kitchen. Using this technique you will have to store the meals in tuppers, which we will then put in the freezer or refrigerator. Certainly, you save a lot of time and improve your diet. You will no longer have to cook when you get home from work, so you will avoid skipping the diet.

There are numerous types of tuppers for easy food recipes, with different shapes, sizes and materials. That is why you should pay special attention to whether you can heat food in the microwave or eat directly from them. The big question appears with the plastic lunch boxes, can they be placed in the microwave without fear of the substances getting into the food? To avoid going into hysteria, the first thing you should do (besides reading the labels) is to turn the container over and look at the symbols.

As you can see, we can find their different uses, if they are suitable for certain appliances, what plastic they are made of, etc. As for plastic, the most dangerous are those that contain the number 3 or 6.

How To Properly Care For Our Lunch Box?

In principle, there is no problem in storing our food in plastic, glass or aluminum containers. It does not even matter if they are from the Mercadona offer. What you should keep in mind is that if you are going to heat that food in the future, not all of them will work; only those with a specific code will be eligible.

How Do You Clean a Tupperware?

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Well, apparently it is simple. If you choose to clean it by hand, wipe it off with the yellow part of a scouring pad. The problem is that if there is fat or sauce left from the food, it will be difficult to eliminate later. I’m sure we all have a red or orange tupper at home, thanks to the tomato sauce in some macaroni. To prevent this from happening, remove the excess with kitchen paper and then scrub it so it does not stain.

If we are going to put it in the dishwasher, you must check that it is suitable for this appliance; otherwise it could start to come out of the mold and be impossible to close. In addition, transfers of these plastics to the body can be caused. By looking at the bottom of the tupper or on the packaging label, we will find the necessary information.

Glass or Plastic?

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Of course, anything made of glass is much better than plastic for heating. Likewise, they are easier to eat, they do not stain, they do not leave a bad smell, they do not transfer substances to our food and they do not deteriorate over time. You just have to be careful not to fall, although most are made of durable, shockproof glass.

Although it is true, the glass version weighs more than the plastic, so it can be a hindrance if you are loaded on public transport.

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