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Best scuba diving locations in Malaysia

It is proven that scuba diving is one of the activities that are fun to do and it also may bring many benefits to us. The benefits that we can get are we get to enjoy the view of nature from the underwater and we also can release our stress when we go scuba diving. To go and have a great time on scuba diving, we have to choose the place or scuba diving facility that is good and trusted, and also the nature on the site is being reserved well. By that, we can enjoy the activities that we can do there. For your information, we don’t have to spend our money and go overseas to find a place to scuba diving because there are many places that we can go scuba diving in Malaysia. Go check out the best scuba diving locations in Malaysia.

Scuba diving places that we can find in Malaysia are Pulau Redang. Pulau Redang is located in Kuala Nerus, Terengganu. It is one of the largest islands in Malaysia and it is one of the tourist attractions also because of the beach that is beautiful with crystal clear blue water and the fine white sand. The main activity that tourists would do at Redang Islands is snorkelling and scuba diving. For scuba diving, they offer the opportunities to dive in up to 20 meters in the water and discover the underwater world with the sea creatures and see many different types of corals over there. It would be great to interact with the fishes and enjoy the beauty of the colourful corals.

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Next is Pulau Perhentian. Pulau Perhentian is also located in Terengganu but in a district called Besut. It was called ‘Pulau Perhentian’ because ‘Perhentian’ means stopping place in Malay, and the island is used to be a stopping place for the traders between Bangkok and Malaysia. It also was a stopping place for Vietnam refugees once in the 1970s. Now, it has become tourist attractions because of the accommodations that are affordable for tourists to stay. Plus, the place is near the sea so tourists can enjoy the view especially the view of sunset and sunrise. 

Last but not least, Layang-Layang Islands or also called Shallow Reef. It is located about 300 kilometres to the northwest of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. This island is one of the hotspots for the scuba divers to go diving because Layang-Layang Island is famous because there are various types of marine life that we can see over there. There also had a facility that does research about the marine life that is called MARSAL which stands for Marine Research Station Pulau Layang-Layang. The marine life at Pulau Layang-Layang is well reserved so that any locals or tourists that come visit there will get to learn about marine life.

In conclusion, we can just find a local scuba diving site in Malaysia instead of spending our money to go overseas and find a scuba diving site outside of Malaysia. Local diving sites are good enough and also we can get the scuba diving experience at an affordable price. Plus, it can bring benefits to Malaysia’s tourism sector to attract many tourists to visit Malaysia.

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