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Why Thrift-Shopping Businesses Are Popular

Thrifting has been a common practice all around the world for as long as many of us can remember. Thrift-shopping is the act of purchasing for goods that are often second hand items, and thus have once belonged to somebody else or come from elsewhere. This often means that their value has depreciated over time and their price is lowered. This commercial sector is diverse, so many sell music records, clothes, shoes, books and others sell ornaments and decorative pieces. There are many thrift shops sprouting , whether as landed businesses or online platforms, and there are several reasons for their growing popularity, especially among young people.

1.     The Items Are Often More Affordable 

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Clothes and other items bought at online thrift stores are often cheaper than new items. Many of the goods are still in good condition, but are marked down since they are come as second-hand items. While designer goods can cost more, if you are lucky, you can find designer items for very low prices. Some thrift owners are open to bargaining, and, therefore, you can lower the price for more items. 

2.     Thrift Shops Are Home To Rare Items 

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Thrift shops are another world to explore if you are looking for unique items. These shops house some rare goods that, if you are lucky, can be yours for a small price. Thrift businesses are partnered with several suppliers from all over who provide them with different items for sale. It is no surprise that sometimes they come across a unique antique or a valuable piece of clothing or jewellery. They are also a good place to look for fashionable items of a different era. Many young people like to experiment with “old skool” clothes, accessories and aesthetics. Furthermore, items in thrift shops often come as a ‘one-of-a-kind’, unlike the conventional store where you find racks of the same item available. This often appeals to creative and artistic individuals who prefer to make uniquely made purchases that they find compatibility in.

3.     Environmental Sustainability And Land Pollution

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One of the biggest concerns currently demanding the attention of the public is that of fast fashion and how it has played a severely understated role in environmental damage. Fast fashion churns out millions of items in an attempt to give the ordinary person items that mimic high fashion and luxury items. The problem, however, is the use of synthetic items including plastic that are not easily recyclable or require large amounts of energy to make. Damage to water systems also comes from the toxic dyes used in their printing shops. Not only this, but fast-fashion has also created a hyper consumerist society that continues to buy and discard, creating a vicious cycle of waste. 

4.     The Moral Concerns Surrounding Sweatshops

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Fast fashion and even luxury brands have been more and more evidently involved in sweat-shop operations for their goods. Workers, often in developing countries where the manufacturing sites are, are subjected to long hours of labour for an unsustainable amount of money. Many brands including Nike have been accused of child labour and working conditions that cause workers to overheat and pass out. The hope is that by purchasing from thrift shops instead of the brands themselves, the money funding the activities of the brands reduces and causes them to address the concerns of the workers who are not treated fairly. 

5.     It Is One Of The Easiest Businesses To Establish

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Thrift shopping is an easy business to start. As an owner of the thrift shop you can either sell your own items or you can have them sent to you in bulk. There are many thrift providers and vendors who can accommodate an array of needs for your new establishment. Setting up a site is also relatively simple. This will rely heavily on pictures, as people are more willing to make a purchase. 

Even better, there are many platforms for you to establish your shopping site and if you are concerned with your content not showing up to your favoured level, you can consult the best SEO company Malaysia and find ways to boost traffic to your site. Most people rely on social media like Facebook and Instagram to start their thrifting sites, but you can also turn to more formal blogging sites such as WordPress. …

Local SEO Malaysia: Why Your Small Business Needs It?

Not every business around the world serves nationally. They do not ship to several countries or even to other states within their own country. Small businesses tend to focus on a very small region. They usually start by attracting potential customers within their neighborhood to getting more from nearby cities and towns. However, none of this is truly possible in the digital era without local SEO Malaysia

There are many notable digital marketing agencies in Malaysia that provide exceptional local SEO services but if you are not willing to splurge just yet, here is a guide to understanding the local SEO and what it means for your small business! 

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What Is Local SEO? 

Local SEO is an SEO strategy that is designed to help maximize your visibility on the search engine within the given region. If your business would benefit from targeting a certain demographic or a geographical area, then it is time you harness local SEO.

For instance, you are selling amazing and delicious cinnamon rolls in the hectic neighborhood of Ara Damansara. Your budget is still limited because you are a new business but you would like to be the first that comes up in the google search engine when people within the region of Ara Damansara search for the best cinnamon rolls. The only way you can be the number one choice for people is by being recognized as relevant by Google. 

Google has a way of understanding your site to the local region and driving customers from the same region. In order to implement local SEO, you must understand how the Google algorithm is relevant to the business. 

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Google And Local SEO Malaysia 

Google is where we go when we have doubts, unbelievably embarrassing questions, and even medical diagnoses. We type the keyword in to see what comes up on the first page. Our aim and goal is information search and google’s job is to give us a whole encyclopedia of recourses that matches our keyword or phrase. 

There are several factors that impact what shows up on the first page but before that, did you know that Google has information on all the sites that are available on the web? This vast, amazingly fast search engine uses automated software known as web crawlers to go through virtually every possible site on the web on a daily basis. Then they analyze the information and store what they learned on a database known as the Google index. Your website is currently being indexed on the term of its relevancy. 

The amazing thing about google is how intuitive its algorithm is. It is constantly changing and incredibly accurate to human needs. We have to work with the algorithm to get on the first page of google. Google quickly shows up all the relevant sites to your keywords in a matter of seconds after crawling through gazillions of sites. And they are designed to only serve the best results. The best results are affected by how you optimize the website to the google search engine. 

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Local SEO factors

Showing up on the google first page is a matter of you snooze, you lose. There are hundreds of competitors out there demanding the attention of their consumers. Even within the narrowed down region. Google always takes a look at your location before giving you the best possible result. If you search for higher education institute right now, it will show you the educational institutes that are within your proximity or your region. If you search for restaurants near me, the results will definitely be based on a location basis.

The local SEO is affected by the content you have created and how locally relevant it is according to google. Google does not read the human language as we see it. They see things in the “coded” language, which we certainly do not understand. They count things like the number of local links you have, being a participant of google my business, and even having citations from credible online directories like TripAdvisor, Yelp, and even Facebook. 

Another important factor to the ranking of your website is the number of reviews you get and definitely where the reviewer is located. If you have a high number of online local reviews, google immediately considers you as incredibly relevant. It is also important to see where your customers leave you a review. Is it on sites like Yelp, or is it google maps? Encourage your targeted customer to try your business and make it easier for them to leave a review. 

Without SEO there is no traffic to your site and there will be no chances for lead conversion into sales. Make sure you contact good SEO Malaysia providers and target profitable customers! …

Comprehending the process of Commercial arbitration.

Nobody enjoys confrontation yet it is unavoidable that conflicts will happen if you are a company owner. It is good to have a plan to resolve conflicts decisively and economically. This strategy can contribute to mitigating the emotional components of discrepancies, to a resolution process and minimize the expense of a company dispute. How can you, however, plan for war? The perfect answer may be an “alternative dispute settlement” strategy with specialized arbitration provisions and agreements.

Arbitration may sound like a phrase you’d hear in a labor dispute a few generations earlier, but it’s becoming increasingly frequent in the corporate world. It’s common in employment contracts, credit card agreements, and retail contracts, so it’s important to understand what it means and how it works.

Screenshot 2020 04 19 at 9 - Comprehending the process of Commercial arbitration.

Substitutes for Taking the Case to Court

Arbitration is a type of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) that is utilized instead of litigation (going to court) with the hopes of resolving a disagreement without the expense and duration of a court case. Litigation is a court-based procedure that includes a judgement that is binding on all parties and an appeals process.

The distinctions underlying arbitration and litigation concern the methods themselves as well as the outcomes of the conflicts. Both are formal processes, but in many situations, arbitration is less expensive and results in quicker settlement timelines.

How does it work?

Comparable to a typical court case, you are required to refer your matter to a single arbitrator or panel, whose decisions are final and legally enforceable. Arbitration is the same for a single arbitrator or arbitrator. The norms of proof and process governing conventional courts are relieved to non-existent in arbitration. You have greater opportunity to “tell your tale” and to connect with the arbiter one-on-one.

One can also have greater influence over who you may be the arbitrator. While you have no influence over who the judge would be in a judicial process. Furthermore, arbitration might be more discreet if you’re worried about advertising.

What can arbitration do for you?

You still may retain legal counsel or defend yourself in an arbitration, however your costs are lowered by skipping traditional court proceedings. Arbitration has become an authentic area with professional standards and arbiter training. They usually have a knowledge of the law and specific arbitration instructions.

The signature of an arbitration agreement benefits both parties. You may build happy working connections from the outset by expressing reasonable goals and limits in your professional contacts. If you are looking for international commercial arbitration, please visit AIAC.

Yet, you may marvel, nobody knows when there will be a confrontation. How could you plan for the future? An arbitration agreement in preparation is a pretty typical corporate practice these days. In most situations, there are conflicts between your company partner and secondly your business party. You should prepare properly with this in mind.…

How To Become A Youtuber?

Becoming a Youtuber is no longer a strange career, if back then people use Youtube as a way to cure their boredom now, many people use Youtube to build their career and their own brands, we can see many successful Youtubers like Pewdiepie, Stephanie Soo, and Bethany Mota. we also have our own local famous Youtubers like CupcakeAisyah, Johanis, and many more. All of these famous and successful Youtubers start their first video in the comfort of their room having no idea or whatsoever.  

Vlogging 1024x535 - How To Become A Youtuber?

So, if you are planning to start your own Youtube channel, don’t wait and start now. Here are steps that you can follow to become a YouTuber. 

  1. Create your channel and content 

To become a Youtuber the first time is by having your own Youtube account, it is so easy to create your own Youtube account. All you need are your email and Youtube. After creating your own personal Youtube account you need to come up with what content you will be showing on your Youtubes. There is plenty of content that you can do for your Youtube channel. It can be about your daily vlog, a cooking channel, if you are good at singing or dancing maybe you can do a cover and post it on your Youtube channel.

  1. Make a plan 

Now that you already know what types of content are suitable for your Youtube channel, you need to make a detailed plan on how are you going to be recording your videos. If you are making a daily vlog you need to find something that will make your vlog interested and unique, if you are making a cooking video you need to make sure that you have the right equipment and also ingredients. All of these need to be plan ahead because you want your video to be a high-quality video that has great content. 

  1. Chanel page 

Other than your video, your channel page is how people know about you. So make sure that your channel page is welcoming, uniques, and portrayed your character in real life. When you are designing your channel page, make it simple, bold, and easy to be processed when people are reading them. Your channel page is a part of your Youtube channel so you want it to be like your video

  1. Promoting 

The chances of your video showing up on everyone’s Youtube page is slim, so instead of waiting around for your video to pop up on everybody’s Youtube page. You need to be promoting them all over your social media. Let people know that you have your own Youtube channel and they can watch plenty of interesting content there. You can also use the branding agency Malaysia, to promote your brand out there. 

  1. Be consistent 

It is all about consistency. You may not be able to achieve 100K subscribers in one night so be patient and be consistent with uploading your video. Make this your passion and you will be consistent and not lose motivation. When you are feeling like you are losing motivation look back and see how far you have grown from the day you start. …

Newborn Starter Pack: PIGEON

Finding the newborn starter pack online, we all have been there. It is not that it is an easy task before, it is just with the times we are living in now, the challenges will be way harder. We are now thriving in the time and age where technology is a vital part of our lives. Slowly everything is digitalized and soon, the future childhood will also get the same splash. So being a parent is a vital thing to do. 

The first 30 days of being a parent are important and it is part of the process to enjoy your married life. This is where you want to grab your shot and go with the right foot. Learn everything you can when you are at the hospital. The nurse is the one you want to stick with, as they sure do know a lot with their experience. Ask everything from breastfeeding, and more. Then the environment at home is also important. What food is being fed, sleep schedules, shifts, is there any trouble with the baby. Observation and understanding with the partner are the keys. Also, all of the users must be safe and suitable for the baby. 

shirtless newborn 1296x728 header - Newborn Starter Pack: PIGEON

Finding the best newborn starter pack for products and utilities can be hard sometimes. You can get caught in all the options and have no clue what to choose. Well, why not try PIGEON, the leading in mother and baby care products. Their products are nothing but at the highest quality with comforts, makes them the people’s choice. Under their PIGEON wing, they have a wide range of products for you. PIGEON is the best one-stop solution for you. They are a certified ISO company. For over half the century, PIGEON has worked and developed the best and easy-to-use products for motherhood use. 

They have all the baby products you need from breastfeeding, bootle feeding, baby wipes, and wet tissues, skincare, and more. Others are cleansing and sterilizing, oral care and hygiene, and healthcare. PIGEON, a leading newborn starter pack provider, is known for its world-class research in revolutionizing the other mother and baby care departments. They know how important the development of the baby, hence they are working to the best innovation and invention. They did all of the study and research at their first Central Research Centre or CRC in Japan. This is the core of CRC and it was established back in 1991 and is located at Tsukuba Mirai City. 

The other center is in Singapore. They expand their wings and research across the Asia region and opened in Singapore in 2011. Here, they collect statistics for breastfeeding and products. Flowing with the current technology, they have adapted with the best materials there is and combining with the best talent and experts, they manage to show the passion and quality of PIGEON products. Their products which are like weaning, soother and teether, bath and diaper care, mother essentials, anti-bacterial and others are possible thanks to the innovation of their experts. Other than that, you can learn more from their blogs and articles that specialize in motherhood and parenting. Also, their guides and tips, and videos will surely be helpful to you. These and more only at PIGEON, the leading at newborn starter pack. …

Why Your Customer Experience Matters

Amazing customer experience is what makes the biggest difference in businesses. If you see a job well done with your customer, you can see it in their actions. They will praise you in public, write meaningful reviews, interact with you and become the advocate you never asked for. In this case, our entire goal is to form a group of advocates for your business through great customer experiences. However, building a good customer experience is pretty impossible without technology like SAP cloud Malaysia to back you up. 

Let’s talk more in-depth into why you should invest in building a better customer experience and why their experience even matters to your business!

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New Customers To Loyal Customers 

Great customer service is the defining moment of the conversion from a new customer to a loyal customer. But no matter how loyal your customer is to your brand, they will leave the moment they find a better deal. But it is the difference in customer services they receive that makes the biggest difference in their shopping experience. Are you ready to build better relationships with your customer, convert leads into sales with the integration of a better customer relationship management system? 

Increased Revenue

As much as we hate breathing down with utter niceness even to nonchalant customers, it is what makes the difference in your revenue. Increased revenue is tied closely to the type of customer service you provide. This is because customer service defines how well you are able to acquire new profitable customers and retain them for longer periods of time. Besides forming better customer lifetime value and increasing the revenue you earn because of them, customer experience is also useful to your branding

Customer Relationships Build Brands 

Coming back to the point of branding, there is no proper brand development without your customer. It is the perception of your customer and their thought process that builds your brand. So before flushing down all the great marketing ideas down the drain, think about how you approach your customers. Great customer service is like a great partner to your branding strategy. It improves your brand positioning, increases brand awareness, and most importantly it strengthens brand loyalty. Why do you think Apple has such a long line of customers dying to buy their new products every September? People are willing to cash out five hundred dollars for the latest item. They only acquired that level of loyalty with the help of excellent customer service. 

Advantage Over Your Competitors

Winning over your competitors is very important. In the line of business, there will be hundreds like you who are offering the same products, or similar ones probably even at better value and price tags. But you might be able to win them over through excellent customer service. With great customer service, we have great customer experiences. Experience is more important than anything else in the business. 

Providing good customer service at all times might get a little too difficult. Keeping up with the loyalty points and other aspects of the business, we are only in for a long road of improving our customer experience every day. …

What is an Acrylic Emulsion

  • What is it?
acrylic emulsion - What is an Acrylic Emulsion

Acrylic emulsion in Malaysia is a milky white polymer emulsion, mainly polymerized by acrylic monomers, polymerized by the initiator in the presence of an emulsifier, using water as a solvent and an initiator. The acrylic emulsion has excellent adhesion and waterproof properties and can be used in the textile industry, such as non-woven fabrics, flannel blankets and lamination. Some products can be used in civil engineerings, such as cement mortar, caulking and elastic cement, and other products can be used in coatings, such as water-based paints for interior and exterior walls. 

  • Emulsion

The word “lotion” is derived from Latin, meaning “milk” because milk is technically an emulsion of fat and water. The emulsion is a mixture of two or more liquids that usually cannot be mixed. In an emulsion, a liquid called the dispersed phase is dispersed in another liquid called the continuous phase. These two liquids can form different types of emulsions, such as oil-in-water or water-in-oil. Some examples of easily recognizable emulsions are balsamic vinegar, mayonnaise, and homogenized milk. Emulsions usually have no static structure because they are liquid.

  • Acrylic

This reminds us of acrylic. Acrylic resins are a group of thermoplastic substances derived from acrylic acid, methacrylic acid and other related compounds. More specifically, polymethyl acrylate is an acrylic resin used in textile finishing agents, adhesives, paints and other related products in its emulsified form. Acrylic resins have great advantages when used as paint ingredients. They are usually the main components of latex paint (called “latex paint” in the UK). Compared with vinyl, interior and exterior wall coatings with a higher proportion of acrylic resin have higher water resistance, better anti-fouling protection, better adhesion, stronger resistance to foaming and cracking, and resistance to The ability of alkaline cleaners. Acrylic resin is considered to be extremely waterproof, making it very suitable for electrical appliances and outdoor furniture. Acrylic resin can be used for decades in its solid form and will not turn yellow in the sun.

  • Using PCCS to determine the particle size and relative concentration of the pure acrylic emulsion

The size, distribution and concentration of the particles are important quality characteristics for the best functionality and processability of the emulsions. Fine particles improve pigment binding and film-forming ability. Besides that, acrylic emulsions with fine particles have a larger surface area and therefore have greater interaction with thickeners. The size of the particles also affects the viscosity of the emulsion: large particles generally mean low viscosity, while small particles result in high viscosity. Pure acrylic emulsions are usually in a cloudy, highly concentrated form, and must also be measured in this original state. The possible dilution of the emulsion can cause changes in droplet size, particle formation and stability. The photon cross-correlation spectroscopy (PCCS) implemented in NANOPHOX eliminates possible multiple scattering, so it can be used to measure high concentrations. The measurable particle concentration is much higher than traditional dynamic light scattering (DLS) using photon cross-correlation spectroscopy (PCS).  The graphic arts, as well as industrial coatings sectors, rely heavily on acrylic polymer emulsions and other water-based acrylic polymer products. Gellner Industrial manufactures a variety of specialised resins that can be utilised in a variety of applications in various fields. These resins are made up of a precise blend of water-based polymers, and when employed in water-based coatings and printing inks, they produce great results…

All about Marketing Video Production

Videos are created for many different purposes. Businesses nowadays advertise their products and services through videos because it is now one of the most effective ways of selling what they are selling. Yes, a marketing video is now one the most effective ways to market any kind of business so search for the top marketing agency in Selangor here. Because of them, there are many businesses today, thriving with corporate videos. Here, are the tips on how you can make your own corporate video with the needed corporate video production.

search for the top marketing agency in Selangor here 1024x576 - All about Marketing Video Production

  1. Prepare everything that is needed during the shoot. 

The equipment and materials in the creation of the video are the most important things when it comes to creating marketing videos. These are the very things that you will use in the entire creation of the video and for it to be functional and ready to be put online. Your video does not have to be extravagant and costly because there are a lot of affordable materials you can use that will suffice for its creation. 

  1. Implement that plan made.

Since a marketing video is to be created, you already have an idea of how you will be doing it. It is now time to put that idea into action. Marketing videos are most effective when they are simple and direct to the point. They should be brief but long enough to summarize everything about what the advertisement is about. People easily get bored when the video becomes too lengthy and that they only wait for it to end. If you create too lengthy videos for a corporate video, the tendency is that you will bore your audience and they will not really pay attention to what is being talked about. 

  1. Put it online.

The last thing for your marketing video to give its purpose is to put it online and have everyone across the globe see it. Even with cheap video production, you can really make a good video already. It is all about the skills and ideas when it comes to creating a corporate video. 

So once done, all you have to do is let people see it and touch their hearts for them to share that video on their social networking sites so more and more people will see it and possibly more sales. …

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