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How To Plan Your Own Wedding

Love is still in the air even with a pandemic going on. Well, life does have to go on. We cannot pause life just because of a pandemic. We have to simply stay safe and work our way through it. With that being said, during the first lockdown, people delayed their weddings in fear of another outbreak of the virus getting to anyone they love. However, people have adapted and made weddings safer. For instance, seating people 6 feet away from each other or having everyone wear their masks except for when they’re eating or simply having a small wedding and not inviting many people. However, this is quite inconvenient because why would you spend such a joyous day behind masks? 

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A wedding is a day where people take the most pictures and those just don’t look as good if you’re wearing masks, right? Thus, if you’re willing to sacrifice a bit of time, wait until the pandemic is over and you can have the wedding of your dreams. Unless if your dream wedding is a small and intimate occasion with family only then, by all means, have one now. But for those other people who want grand weddings, wait until the pandemic is over and here is how you can plan one on your own:

Set A Budget

Unless you’re filthy rich and don’t really mind about the costs, every successful wedding has a set amount of budget. Things that you’d have to set a budget on can be divided into sections like, catering, decorations, dresses or tuxedos as well as the wedding cake and bouquet. Firstly, you could figure out the total amount of money you’re going to spend on the wedding. Then divide that total amount into each section. If you have to have some things shipped, then set a budget to hire Altus Malaysia services or something similar. It doesn’t have to be precise at first, just a ballpark figure and after you figure out what you want for each of the sections, it’s easier to figure out which is going over your budget and which is just perfect. 

Know Your Priorities

As you set your budget as mentioned in the previous paragraph, you should prioritize what’s on your wishlist. Everyone has their dream wedding. So, sit down with your partner and discuss what you have in mind for the theme, catering, wedding cake or other things. If your wish was to have a custom wedding dress then prioritize that. If you want there to be a fountain of punch, then set aside a budget for that as well. Most of the time, you only go through a wedding once in your life, so take the chance to make your dreams come true.

Make Sure To Have A Second Opinion

In all this planning, make sure to have a second opinion. Be it from your partner, friend or family member. This is because people tend to be irrational or too emotional when it comes to planning their own wedding. It can be very overwhelming too, thus, get a second opinion so that the burden is shared and would not be too stressful for you. …

Tips And Tricks Residing In A Rental House While Completing Your Studies

Many of us preferred residing in a rental unit beyond the dependency of our campus because we are fond of the plethora of experience residing in an on-campus accommodation lacks. While it is somewhat sensible, there are many things students who live in an external rental house must be equipped with before settling down in one. Suppose you are looking forward to moving into a temporary unit in Ara Damansara whilst completing your studies, here are some tips and tricks for you to master before initiating an independent life. 

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Preparing Your Own Meals 

Eating out is all fun and games till you realise it has cost you almost an arm and a leg by hook or by crook. In longer terms, it is highly advised that you avail yourself of the kitchen and its accompanying equipment to prepare your own meal. Fret never if you are new to cooking, because there exist abundant tutorials and recipes made available throughout the internet you can take as reference. Nobody is born a Michelin Chef and it requires a person’s hard work and determination to ultimately master the art of culinary. Though, you do not necessarily have to go for something so difficult to make, something as easy as rice or noodles are adequately sufficient provided you desire something more, you can always play around to elevate your cooking skills. This is the fun of cooking, you cook in accordance with your taste buds and likings without having to spend too much time. 

Keep The Air-Conditioner Off Unless Essential 

While the weather in our country sweats us off most of the time, try not to utilize too much of the air conditioner because it slims down your wallet. Only switch it on when you truly need it, for example when you are feeling extra heaty. Other than that, try to make use of ventilation instead, open the windows wide and keep the fan on. As a result, you can still enjoy windiness without having to spend extra in your bills. 

Save As Much As You Can 

Bear in mind that now you are living alone, you need to be equipped with sufficient resources just in case of emergency. You may have friends living with you but it would not be great relying on their help too much. At the very end of the day, it is advised that you save as much as possible when you are financially capable, and utilise your savings in times of emergency without having to ask from anybody. 

In Short

To sum things up, here are the mere three tips and tricks that will help ease your process out. Along the lines as you settle down, you will uncover more techniques based on your experiences later onward. If you are adequately capable, you may want to look into ready-to-sell properties in Ara Damansara. …

Benefits Of Studying Accounting

Accounting refers to the fund management field of work. Accounting is necessary for any successful business therefore there is a great demand for qualified professionals with a bachelor’s degree in accounting who are experts in accounting.

Students pursuing a Bachelor of Accounting will not only learn the fundamentals of accounting, but will also build a solid foundation in business administration. Through courses such as financial accounting, business law, tax and cost management, undergraduate students of accounting programs gain the skills and knowledge necessary for entry-level jobs after graduation. Graduates with a bachelor’s degree in accounting are often trained to work as accountants, working for government, in the public or private sector, formulating budgets, monitoring costs, and analyzing programs.

If you are interested in company finance and accounting internships and want to turn this into a rewarding career then take a look at the options below and find the Bachelor of Accounting that is waiting for you!

Courses in accounting are an excellent way to diversify education and experience as students improve their professional skills, whether they are accountants looking to brush up on skills or interested in a career change. There are courses in Accounting available in various countries and each one is specific to a particular area. The requirements for each course vary widely, but generally students need prior college education and / or work experience.

Accounting courses together with bachelor of entrepreneurship teach the student to be more effective when performing their professional tasks. In accounting courses, students will examine topics such as financial reporting analysis, investments, international finance, and banking. Many courses are also focused on the relationship between Accounting and other business operations, offering the student a complete view of Accounting.

To find the Accounting course you are looking for, take a look at the different options below.

Masters › Accounting

Accounting is a branch of mathematics that refers to the study of communicating the financial information of a company to its shareholders, managers, etc. The study of accounting can be traced back to seven thousand years, and this discipline has contributed to the development of business, while developing its own methods.

A Master of Accounting will allow you to understand and develop the practical skills necessary to use the latest financial tools, a vital aspect for the growth of any organization. A Master in Accounting will teach you the parameters to carry out accounting reports at an international level, business ethics and social responsibility. As a highly educated accountant, you will become an essential member of any management team. A master’s degree in Accounting from Widad University can bring you job opportunities in various sectors, and the employment rate among accountants is very high.…

How To Deal With Inconsiderate Housemates

At some point in our lives, we ought to reside with a bunch of strangers who we then call our housemates. It is a proven fact that staying with other people is nowhere similar compared to staying with our family. It calls for extra tolerance and patience considering everybody comes from a fairly distinct background. I have experienced myself after spending many years away from home in pursuit of studies. Throughout my time leading an independent life, I have crossed paths with many people and situations I never thought I would ever face. Of course, I have my own experience with horrible housemates of which I am intended to share. 

This is especially important if you are an early sleeper, because your housemates may not. Some individuals are not born sensitive enough to be considerate of those who are already in deep sleep. I have been in such a situation multiple times when my roommate didn’t bother lowering their voices. To curb such problems, you may want to have a serious conversation with them expressing your struggles amidst their inconsideration. Let them know and if they happen to repeat the same action, consider moving out to another rental unit in Kota Kemuning because there are more than you think. 

I, too, have plenty of experiences with housemates who lack a proper sense of hygiene, for example, dirty rooms, unwashed laundry, terrible body odor, and so on and so forth. That explains a lot about the person’s personality. To not offend them, talk to them nicely to encourage a change. Remember that you are also helping them to grow, so do it nicely rather than in ways that offend them or hurt their feelings. 

Apart from that, if you appear to have housemates who constantly bring over friends of theirs who are not supposed to be here, talk to them about it if they have invaded your privacy. It is your right as a tenant to voice up when somebody is not entering your house. However, bear in mind that they bring over friends for various reasons, and if the reasons are sensible, you do not have to be so triggered about it. One or twice is perfectly fine, but when it reaches a point where they have crossed the lines, you may start taking action.

To Sum Up

In general, always bear in mind that living with other people is very different from living with your family because everybody coming from different backgrounds has their own perspectives which may contradict yours. If you happen to be financially capable, you may want to purchase a house of your own in Kota Kemuning so you do not have to share spaces with other people. …

Top Best Glass Partition In Malaysia

If you ever saving and don’t know what you can do with your money, that you should consider installing a glass partition for your company. If you don’t know what glass partitions are, it is basically a non-load-bearing pane of glass that is typically used as room dividers. Glass partition walls create and make a room wider and open. You can usually see these glass partitions in office walls, partition wall structures are basically full glass on the ceiling wall that divides the room. This structure is usually made of aluminum frames. This interior glass enables designers and architects to separate a wide or big room, without interrupting the floor space and light system. Glass partition walls are a great way to have a comfortable and safe space work environment in the office. It lets natural light get through space, and when this occurs it changes the vibe, the color, mood of people, and the workspace. It is one of the most recommended and practical ways to upgrade an office space. Nowadays, many offices are utilizing this glass partition structure install of the basic wall partition. Many interior designers and architects love this glass partition for its capability and clear system. Here are some of the list of best glass partition Malaysia.

htrhrth - Top Best Glass Partition In Malaysia

Glass Network

Founded in 1995, Glass Network (M) Sdn Bhd provides considerate and compound glass functions and glass texture for designing architectural and decorative purposes. They work with a wide range of refurbished, renovating, and in the process building projects food residential and commercial building in providing and creating high-quality glass items that are customizable for particular places, operational, and aesthetic. This company focuses on working with architects, interior designers, contractors, and other building departments closely to help you discover the glass methods for any requirements based on design and space. Glass Network has been granted licensed CIDB holders and contractors that are insured. They give priority to developing a good working space and environment, and great relationships among employees.

SGO Designer Glass

SGO Malaysia manufactures various options of stained glass and other products that revolve with glasses products such as mirrors for commercial and home installation. Their products are custom designed to suit the interior of the space that you want to install the glass partition by prioritizing the safety measures and operations. They also offer one of the best art glasses works which have many good reviews. At SGO the focus on ideas of visual representation and bringing to life. 


INPRO was founded in 2010, and despite being young in the industry, they have some of the highly experienced and qualified workers that have professional and expert inputs for your projects progressively and efficiently to make sure the product that they are providing is high-quality products with afford=dable price range for their clients. …

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