Month: October 2019

We Only Live to Serve The Best In Town!

Welcome to Aria Restaurant!

There’s something about us…

img main aboutus - We Only Live to Serve The Best In Town!

Aria is the latest addition to the Opus collection of friendly neighbourhood restaurants here (which includes: Opus, Cava, Leonardo’s, The Private Room and Four Seas).

Aria aims to serve the best Italian cuisine in Bukit Damansara, in a cosy, friendly environment. Its pasta and salad lunch buffet is the best value meal in town, and overall in your life. The Whisky Bar upstairs is an intimate venue for whisky aficionados to relax and enjoy themselves.…

The Best Food is Just Here!

The best ones are here!

Just take a look at what The Chef has to offer.

img main menu - The Best Food is Just Here!

We want you to experience the spirit of Italy at Aria and share in our passion for good meal, wines and whisky.

We wish you La Dolce Vita (the beautiful life) – after all we only live once, so make it beautiful (and forget about your diet here today).

 Buon appetito!

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Aria Restaurant & Bar