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Right Options for the Online Operators

Online Operators also offer satellite connection to benefit from the Internet. This alternative, although it can be particularly interesting, remains unknown to the general public. The main advantage? They do not require any connection work, all you have to do is have the satellite dish installed to receive the connection. A visit to TM Unifi makes things better.

What you need to know about the Mobile Home

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The rules for installing a mobile home

To install a Mobile Home, you do not need a building permit (as long as your Mobile Home does not exceed 40m²), but there are still certain rules to follow. Indeed, you should know that you do not have the right to install a Mobile Home on private land, it must be located on a campsite.

In addition, during its construction and development, you must scrupulously respect the rules of the campsite in which it is located. For example, you are not allowed to add a veranda to your Mobile Home.

How about starting at the beginning? Before having a complex set of applications in the cloud, one must first connect to the global network that is the Internet. At home and in business, the speed consumption is becoming more and more important, the bandwidth needs have greatly increased in recent years, due in particular to the use of image and video media. Internet connections must keep pace with developments.

The web has changed

Since the 56Kb modems, the web landscape has evolved a lot, giving way to colorful pages, filled with images or animations, music or video. All these bandwidth-hungry media have gradually transformed the offers of ISPs (Internet Service Providers), which today offer ADSL connections promising speeds of up to 100MB.

The explosion in the use of e-mail has also largely contributed to the increase in bandwidth requirements. And it’s not about to stop! The success of SaaS applications like Yammer, HootSuite, Prezi, MailChimp, Dropbox, Evernote, SalesForce (to name a few), will continue to require stable and efficient internet access.

The truth about the speed of internet connections: the French are rowing

If ISPs advertise impressive speeds of “Up to 20 mega”, “Up to 25 mega”, “Up to 100 mega”, when is it really at the end of the line? At the end of 2012, 30Million Consumers published figures on the real level of Internet access for people. 

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