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Why Rent a Property in Malaysia?

Why Do You Need to Rent a Property in Malaysia?

Melawis Apartment Renting is a temporary approach to getting a house in your life. You could be someone’s shelter for a certain period of time and eat your every …

Why Buying a Property in Malaysia is a Good Idea

Not because are born in your native land, you will be required to be confined there for the rest of your life and have your every meal there. Yes, while going abroad is a struggling ordeal before, that is …

Prevent Having Damaged Liver By Using Liver Supplements

Liver Supplements

Are you the kind of person who likes to eat salty foods and meal? Or the type of person who always drink alcohol drinks whenever they are in a party? If Best liver herbal supplement in Malaysia

We Only Live to Serve The Best In Town!

Welcome to Aria Restaurant!

There’s something about us…

img main aboutus - We Only Live to Serve The Best In Town!

Aria is the latest addition to the Opus collection of friendly neighbourhood restaurants here (which includes: Opus, Cava, Leonardo’s, The Private Room and Four Seas).

Aria aims to serve the best Italian …

The Best Food is Just Here!

The best ones are here!

Just take a look at what The Chef has to offer.

img main menu - The Best Food is Just Here!

We want you to experience the spirit of Italy at Aria and share in our passion for good meal, wines and whisky.

We …

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